Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blog's a funny word

In an effort to be just like my hero Mike Geiger I have join the rest of the internet world and set up this blog.

What is the purpose of this blog you ask?
well simply put, to keep myself from just sleeping all day until the next project comes along. I started this blog to give myself a place to put a daily drawing, sketch,stupid cartoon etc.
So if anyone actually looks at this thing and it's not updated, tell me I'm stupid and lazy.
and you'll get a new picture within' the day.

So here are my first 2 Blog sketches:


mike g said...

im glad i can have a part in keeping you awake during the day. cause lord knows the thought of me must keep you awake at night.

Stephanie N said...

How long before I get to bug you for not updating? :P