Thursday, February 23, 2006

Important Squirrel

You can tell he's important because he's
wearing a top hat. The tie just means he
has a job.


Mirco said...

Is that Milo T. Cranstene? And can he get me a job?

mike g said...

theres no squirrels in mexico...
i dont get it
how could this be in mexico?
am i missing something here?
he doesnt even look mexican.
and if hes visiting mexico, wheres his suitcase?

Curtis said...

Mr. Cranstene is not a squirell!

and I totally forgot about the mexico joke. I'm littery laughing myself silly trying to explian it to tara.
she's not very impressed.
sorry mike g. she just doesn't get you.

Mirco said...

Sorry I see a rich animal I automatically think of Milo.

artjunkie_mgh said...

love the top hat, dude. make a cartoon about the top hat! imagine a hat's lifetime of owners and abusers... man, that concept is GOLD! LOL

great work, bro.