Monday, March 06, 2006

NEw AniMatioN!

Check out a new episode of
Adventures at a Bus Stop
I honestly don't know what this is about. It's even more ridiculous than
the last one. But you might want to watch it twice to really see the elephant
"act" I find it hilarious.


scott said...

man that was amazing...i love that lady's clock...those dogs are crazy...that elephant is such a clutz.

Mirco said...

That was great. Where did all those dogs come from? I don't trust that elephant he's got shifty eyes. His hat is amazing though.

Curtis said...

Yeah the elephant was put in at the last minute 'cause the dog avalanch was getting to predictable by the end.
and i really wanted it to rain cute puppies.

The elephant was suposed to have a briefcase too but I forgot.
he's an accountant

Mirco said...

Please draw that elephant working at his office.or maybe on lunch break.

Stephanie N said...

I LOVE elephants!
And thos epuppies are hilarious.
That lady got what she deserved, damn pretentious bitch. :P

Jake Macher said...

Funny stuff. I would like to know what those dogs were doing behind that bush before doing a doggy piramid, then again maybe I don't want to know.

artjunkie_mgh said...

the elephant acting was genious! keep 'em coming man... these shorts are awesome!

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