Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday is when the cosby show used to be on...

...Think about it.
I tried out Flash 8 for the first time last night, and I think it's pretty great.
You may be aware that I'm terrible at upgrading, buy I think i'm finally OK with
up grading flash. (MX still sucks!)
You can check out my very first flash 8 test here:
It's pretty much the same as everything else I do. but whaddya' gonna' do?


scott said...

man that life drawing is awesome...bus02 is my favorite.

Mirco said...

Well I guess I'll have to try Flash 8 now. I really like the first drawing, especially the inking, it reminds me a little of Dave makeans scketches.

Curtis said...

Mirco's drunk on the internet agian!

artjunkie_mgh said...

mirco's perpetually drunk, isn't he?

great sketches, bro. the movie is awesome! give us more of that, please.

Ron said...

I'm loving those short animation clips!