Sunday, April 16, 2006

back in town

Well it's been 2 weeks away from home,
1 in cuba (awesome) and 1 in NB (under not so good circumstances)
anyway i've been working my ass off for Mike since I got back, doing
45 illustriaons of babies. it satrted off as simple cartoons. but then they wanted more.
that's why i've been experimenting with photo shop.
this is the last baby I painted.I can't say it's an artistic triumph but I only speant
an hour on it.

I'm trying to do them faster to make it worth the money, but it's just such a dumb project.
I mean really...drawing babies, is for babies!

1 comment:

Stephanie N said...

Ick, that DOES sound boring. :( You're doing a good job at it, though. This one is great!