Monday, September 04, 2006

Labour day and a pen

A ninja turtle, and some crazy sccribbles.
I just got home from the theatre, I saw the wicker man.
it's not a bad movie, it's not a great movie, it's a movie.
But I've decided it's my most favorite movie, EVER! Just out
of SPITE.Spite of whom?
Theatre people, who aparantly go to the theatre just to
have a conversation, the place was full of people, mostly teenagers,
who didn't stop talking for a second. A group in front of us,
a group back, and to the leftand a few murmors from
the people directly behind us. Why!?!
What's wrong with people? it's a thirty foot screen,
and 50 speakers. The room is designed to
watch a movie, not to make make friends.
So if you're one of these theatre talkers...
...STOP IT! Thanks.


Gillian said...

you tell 'em Curtis, You fucking tell 'em

Anonymous said...

chill out flave.

Mirco said...

I really like that scribble page a lot. Nice pen work. Too bad about your thearter experience though. Forceing to like the wiker man, geez tough break. Though, I really can't complain about something done out of spite.

Fat Jim said...

I went to see Open Water a few years ago and yelled at the whole audience to "shut up".

Theater goers are becoming worse and worse at keeping their traps shut during a film.

Curtis said...

I've never had the gumption to yell at a croud of people, maybe someday I will...some day.

that's right i said gumption.

Ron said...

I've screamed at kids behind tossing popcorn on two occassions, it was stressful but it made them stop... and hopefully shit themselves.

Ethe said...

Cool characters!

Anonymous said...

You big shitty bum baby! i dunno maybe u could of moved? like come on now 50 speakers? how could u not hear the movie? eh?