Saturday, November 18, 2006

With my carrot..and my celery!

Just downloaded a trial version of "sketchbook pro"
it's pretty fun. Here's a quick superman i just did
while I should be working away my saturday.
ahhh well, back to the grind.


Anonymous said...

nice work!!

Gillian said...

AWESOME stuff curtis!!! *goes off to download Sketchbook*

Mirco said...

Superman is going to punch the F**k out of some one.
And who the hell is this anonymous fellow?

Curtis said...

anonymous? it's either Peter G. Or Johnny C. not that you know who that is.

Anonymous said...

peter g? why you!!

-peter g

Stephanie N said...

I like it! :)

scott said...

nice that program is fun.

~Shanel said...

hey! nice pose. thats one tough looking drawing!

J`sin said...

why wont u ever draw black people? racist? i think yes.

Anonymous said...

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