Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pencils Pencils Pencils

Well I'm still pretty lazy when it comes to drawing on my own.
But last night I was surfin' through the drawing board and started
looking through the "reference photo" section. Not alot of it is "life drawing" material,
but mostly Chicks and dudes in slutty poses.
And I obviously went with the less classy of choices.
But it's not the least classy, so I still that goin' for me.


Stephanie N said...

that looks like a Becky pose-only her legs would be together! :P
Cute drawing, though. :)

Tara said...

that girl looks hot to trot!!! boobietastic

Ben said...

Quick, draw her with deflated pancake breasts!

Mirco said...

Becky? Is this actual pen or digital? Nice drawing.

Curtis said...

It's pencil. I don't know about becky. Life drawing model becky? from school maybe?

Gillian said...

man your so good with anatomy T_T no fair!

J`sin said...

Did she piss herself?