Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Psst..Anybody wanna' buy a House?

Tara and I are moving to New Brunswick
in the next few months. So we're selling the house.
Anybody interested?
And here's our first house listing
Check it ouuuuut!
Click here for Listing


Anne-Renée said...

I'd like to buy it. Can I pay you in broken dreams?

Curtis said...

Ahhh that's adorable...but no.
I have plenty.

mike g said...

ill give you 12 bucks
a bucket of shrimp
and a piece of dental floss.

whats this about moving to new brunswick!?! thats not even CLOSE to mexico

Curtis said...

everything is close to Mexico...
in my heart.

Hey, did you ever hear a crazy story about a guy in Mexico? It's crazy, and it's in mexico.

Mirco said...

let me tell you a joke... This one takes place, in Mexico, wait I don't need a house!

sean said...

I didn't even know you had a house... Looks all grown up n' shit. Have fun in New Brunswick; Canada's super nature fun park.

sean said...

btw. If it makes you feel any better. Chris and I paid almost $100k more in montreal and it's half the size with no yard. You lucky bastards.

Gillian said...


Ben said...

Hey! Hey! What the "F" is this? DRAW a PICTURE of the house.


Yuriy Sivers said...

Dang, i should have bought it from you when i was in Halifax ;P

P.S: Things are great. :)))

Leisl said...

Aw you guys are leaving??
Who's John gonna talk to?!