Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Book...By ME!!!!

Hey Gang,
Sorry form the lack of posts, I do have more never ending animation, that I will upload soon.
My attention has been on putting together "Some Times I Rhyme" 80 pages of sketches, poems, comics and stories that rhyme. It's kind of like the podcast except with less animation and more words. Check it out.

This is the cover...

...and this is a page that goes with a poem about an elephant.


Ben said...

A book! I love doing books! Good book!

. . . I assume.

Sean said...

This is wicked man. There'd better be a poem about me in there.

Curtis said...

UH OH...ahh...there is There totally is, it's called "Mr. Traverstien's Day".
In which you are depicted as a chipmunk that lives under my barn who turns to a life of crime and murder...Just like when you went on that murder crime spree a few weeks back.

good times.