Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Animation

This is a submission for the Vancouver Opera-Bot Animation Competition.
Deadline is Nov 1 (in case you'd like to jump on that Matt).

It's a very fast and basic breakdown of the events that occur in the smash hit opera "Madama Butterfly". Well, it's a basic break down based on a couple of different synopsis I've read.
The "spirits" for example, probably aren't supposed to be Halloween type ghosts.

Here's a Link to the other submissions, and you can also vote Like/Don't like and the people's champion with get some sort of people's champion prize.


chumpmonkey said...

all operas should be this brief.

Matt Shepherd said...

This is cool, I checked out your competition, I think yours is pretty strong! I like it.

I am kind of tired I dont think I will try to make an animation for this one, I only participate when there are less than 3 days before the deadline, I believe this is when people are at their most creative..

Nothing spells quality like a strict deadline and no room for error and immense pressure. :|

Good stuff, three thumbs up!

Curtis said...

Well I just did this one in 3 days...I only planned on taking one. What with the sloppiness of it and all. Plus, there is only 3 days to deadline.

Mirco said...

nice, good luck!

geiger said...

it wouldnt let me vote!
unless when you click the "i like" thing it just doesnt do anything on purpose.
and if that is the case,
i must of pressed that thing like 25 times trying to get it to

Curtis said...

Sometimes it doesn't work. It should say, "Thank you for voting". But Tara can't seem to get it to work from her computer either.

Ahh well, it's the thought that counts.