Friday, April 09, 2010

Milo's new Vlog

Milo is concerned about things on the internet, and he's taking those concerns to...the internet.

In Response to this this suposed to make me want to buy shoes?:


Matt Shepherd said...

what is your job anyways? it seems like your job is to just do nothing and make fun things. I must figure a way out to do these two most favorite things of mine which you and I both share :|

Damn your fun, damn it all the way to Douglas Town....I miss your musk /scent... :| I dont care if the internet knows anymore

Curtis said...

Well, that's pretty creepy Matt. Pretty Damn creepy.

I squeeze as many of these "fun" animations in my day as I can in hopes that they will eventually hit some kind of pay dirt. Thus allowing me to pay myself to just make fun animations. For now, It's stealing spare time to do what I love. No more waiting til there's "free time". Which there never is.