Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Mike White

My friend and hero Mike White is in production on his soon to be smash hit graphic novel Amity Blamity (available in May)
Check out his progress and the comics at

Mike Asked me to draw a picture of him at his desk I did.
Mike's favorite part is the fact that he's wearing a shirt that says "Mike White".
I like that he's using pencils as chopsticks...also the the eggroll is pretty great but only because that's my Racist word for Mike White....Actually, I think it was originally his idea.

Thanks Mike! I guess I could have used a reference photo...but to be honest I started with the eggroll and drew out from there. And if you start drawing an eggroll, you're going to end with a darwing of Mike White...every time.

This is the mock-up sketch...It was going to be all shaded and colored but Mike just needed Black and white. Plus Mike requested more Booze in the picture...I guess I could have put more in.

And if that's doesn't make you like Mike...Here's some Mike White Mike White.

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