Friday, June 03, 2011

Iphone ZOO!!!!

I drew a zoo!!! If you have an iphone or ipod-touch and you'd like to build a zoo out of 100% Curtis artwork. Well here's the game for you. I made everything in there except the buttons. All the animals, buildings, trees, flowers, hamburger stands... there's even a Frozen Banana Stand!
And it's FREE! Just get it from the app store(itunes)

They're adding a feature that allows you to feed and take care of the animals as well, and more buildings and add-ons coming soon... how do I know? Because I have to start making them today.

Remember to go to the itunes store and leave a review that says something great like "The designs and animations were the best i've ever seen in any app ever." or something like that... it'll really make sure that I have work coming in for a while, Thanks.


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