Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Halloween and all is well

Here's our Halloween in Miramichi.
Most of these people I don't know. I just took
Pictures of Tara with people in costumes.
It turned out to be a pretty fun night.

Hannibal was life size on the ceiling. It looked pretty great!

I'm suposed to be Bruce Banner...Basically a costume that
consists of purple pants. I'm pretty lame.

And then Tara went to jail.
I guess it wasn't that great of a night.


Mirco said...

Wow, who are those people? You should have brought the bear!
Then it could have went like this:
Someone: "Hey what's your costume?"
You: "Get him!!"

Anonymous said...

halloween? no no no curtis... that's just how people dress in miramichi...

in those pictures everyone seems 'jolly'..egg nog for everyone!!!!


MW said...

Sweet Pics! when you catch your bear can you get a picture of Tara as wonderwoman, next to the cage as the bear is eating a bucket of donuts?

Ben said...

Those are some purple, purple pants.