Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tara's Homework

Tara has a weekly drawing challenge with her class,
and last night I decided to join in.
This weeks theme is 'draw yourself as a pokemon trainer with your

Iguess I'm gonna' hit 'em with that ball.
I'm not a very good trainer.
Anyway, it's all done with markers.


Tara said...

whooooooo beautiful! I love your style!

Gillian said...

holy crap this is Sweet Curtis!!!

Ben said...

You've finally outdone me. I could never draw you as gay as you just did. That hurts my feelings.

quinten from aus sa pt agusta said...

cool :P that rocks

tara said...

thats cool can i hump you, i also eat pikachu's dick and it taste like boogers. boogers taste like candy