Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey! Check this out, I inspired someone, and this is what they made. I just found it today...I'm pretty excited by it.

It's animation by JulPer

Neverending scribbles from JulPer on Vimeo.


johnJ.C. said...

That's awesome buddy. your like the tony robins of doodles.

chumpmonkey said...

aw. man, i've never inspired anyone! what a rip!

geiger said...

thats so cool!
you must be super flattered, and its well done to boot.

although i feel gotta mention here that you have totally inspired me over the years as well.
i remember looking at your drawings years ago in a bit of awe at how rad they were.

your inspiration has no bounds my friend.

Anonymous said...
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Mirco said...

Wow fantastic. and by fantastic I mean fantastic to all the animations lately. your becoming a real internet media mogul.

JulPer said...

Hey!!! I didn't knew that you posted my animation-scribble-thingy on your blog, that's awesome!!!

I'm glad it made you feel good, and once again thank's for the inspiration :D